Ice Cube – A Bird In The Hand (Death Certificate 25Th Anniversary Edition Album)

Till I stopped fillin’ out my W-2
Fresh out of school cause I was a high school grad
A masengel what the hell cracker sell in the neighborhood
But blacks are too fuckin’ broke to be republican
Or Jesse Jackson, and operation Push
So now you put the feds against me
If you ask me the whole thing needs a douche
Tell the politicians, the hustlers, live and let live (yeah)
So I got me a bird, better known as a kilo
Or anybody that he know
What about diapers, bottles, and similac
‘Cause when I was in school I got the A-E-E
‘Cause my son doesn’t take no for an answer
Gots to get a job ’cause I was a high school dad
But whitey says there’s no room for the African
‘Cause I couldn’t follow the plan of the presidency
But there’s no S-E for this youngsta
I’m never givin’ love again
I didn’t have no money so now I have to punch the
And your plan against the ghetto backfired
Now I remember I used to be cool
Wish I got paid like I was rappin’ to the nation
So now you got a pep talk
Pass it to the man at AT&T
Always knew that I would clock G’s
Now I pay taxes that you never give me back
But a bird in the hand is worth more than the bush
Gotta sell ya food that might give you cancer
Do I gotta go sell me a whole lotta crack
Now senators are gettin’ high

Now everybody know I went from po’ to a nigga that got dough
But sorry, this is our only room to walk
Tell the politicians, the hustlers, live and let live (yeah)
For decent shelter and clothes on my back?
But that’s not likely so here’s my application
Or should I just wait for help from Bush
Clock like a slave, that’s what be happenin’
‘Cause we don’t want to drug push
But welcome to McDonald’s can I take your order please
Miss porker, little Joe or Todd Bridges
To the corner house bitches