Ice Cube – Robin Lench (Interlude) (Death Certificate 25Th Anniversary Edition Album)

Where you and your broad can win eight days and nine dangerous nights at

You can lose that trick-bitch that’s with ya almost
40 ounce dreams and watermelon wishes!
O.g. (Who the fuck are?) Mcbone! Where you can meet, who?
And for your nightlife entertainment, you get to visit
Ow! Until next time!
And for your transportation pleasures, you get to ride on what?
Ow ahahh! Hahahahahah!
And welcome to the "lifestyles of the poor and unfortunate"!
5000 g!
I’m robin lench, peace!
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m robin lench!
And for your gambling cravings
Straight down range (ayo, nigga! Get outta the car, nigga!)
Our very own strawberry showgirls! Located where? On figueroa!
Where, we provide you and your bitch round trip transfer
Say: "hi!" (nigga, fuck you muthafucka! Get outta here, punk!) Mcbone! Hello, o.G.
‘The come on in hotel’, overviewing the watch tower (oww!)
Well basically anywhere! (I give you $20 for your bitch!)
The "R.T.D.": the "rough, tough and dangerous"
‘Ey, ‘ey, bitch! ‘Ey, how much for "head"?