Royce Da 5’9″ – C. Delores

While they denying now, all these heathens be crying ’bout
These niggas listen to sign language, probably speak Braille
Subpar cerebrals
Streaming out your club when your single drop
So a 3:45, which, by the way, is a quarter a to four
We keeping it G, we keeping the iron out
This is the safe place I come to look Benjamin in the face
King of the dark art, all is pale compared to me
I’m gon’ relapse for a bottle or being a [?]
Huh, it seem like everybody out here right now wanna be ‘Pac
I’m the best at who we are, that’s fucking food for thought
Everything I wear be tailor-made to fit, Giraffe trim
Vocabulary lords sicker than Herbie’s recording thesaurus
The Virgin Mary took a morning-after pill the morning before fornicating the Lord
Therefore, this is more than just my dormitory
Look, I’m the real thang
I open windows with hopes that the wind blows [?] blessings
[Verse 1: Royce da 5’9"]
Taking care of two, three dudes but these people be lying
He’ll do the R2D2 to your art
You eating Church’s Chicken with suspicious fictitious sinners
I move in silence
Grate her down, all for the greater good and the greater grind
We had the Congress mad at the whole genre
I be out here telling the truth
They feed negativity, we eating vagina while
[Intro: C. Delores Tucker]
It’s only like four or five of you rappers who can actually inspire me
They’ll make the iron speak too
Walk up to him, smack his hookah across the moon
Now it’s like we not even trying to be good
While I’m flipping pies like Patti LaBelle, Sara Lee
It’s like we just sitting ducks in the eyes of evil
Somebody ask me for change for a dollar
In order to picture these digits, press will have to capture Loch Ness
I’m here to combine all three Bar Exams for a fourth
On the back of a hellcat or capture a meteor
I’m an angel at squalor
You gon’ have to retire me
Cause I’m tryna put yo’ ass in a body cask’
I should sign my autograph with a polygraph
I’m just a neck brace to the next crazy contestant who should step to me, net pay
Break a platinum plaque over a rapper back
Your favorite rapper ’bout to get cleaned up, served in a box
Just as I was on my way to score a quarter key off [?]
I’m ’bout to go so motherfucking Lamont Coleman
Like laundry detergent, pushing ’round these birds with a mop
Like a single drop of blood off the beak of a vulture
Me, I left from the frying pan like the Devil’s last ingredient

You just the next wave to catch a catchy catchphrase
You don’t wanna play with none of his make-believe truth

I make your mouthpiece obese like Delores
While I spray your ass with four different fours
Tryna get rid of us
More layers than 44 [?]
Tryna get to you ‘fore you could brace yourself
I’m a living legend, you a fidget spinner
These niggas just here to provide dangerous detail
Spot a whack producer across the room
Nobody else been thinking like me thus far though
Me, I’m just about to stick my dick in the dirt
And I’m getting better, tryna catch up and pass Em’
They gave birth to me 44 days later drinking a 40 at the coroner’s door
While driving a Ford wondering why guys look at me foreign for
[Verse 2: Royce da 5’9"]
Tryna stay in a genius, creative state of mind
I guess we missed our window to try to prove something
To dissect at Juilliard
They ain’t skilled enough to stand the field with us
Delores Tucker] [Outro: C.
[Interlude: C. Delores Tucker]
While Jesus wept I made boss music flunkies relate to

It’s time, it’s time to move something
We see the rise in murder, in abuse, in battles, teen prostitution, and teen suicide. We hear the wailing mothers, the grieving sisters, the tormented brothers and fathers, and children planning their own funeral with pink dresses and pink caskets. In 1992 the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that it was more important to ban speech that is dehumanizing to women than to protect free speech. Now we see the direct and indirect effects. If the filth that is portrayed in these gangsta rap videos and art is not obscene then I submit that nothing is obscene
The extendo’s on the AK 47 and its [?] are invoked
Better each time I came through like I held back the previous
He think that he Luke, he like to lift you and make you skywalk
While I shoot the shit as deep as [?] though, so it’s four to four
Tell paparazzi I’m charging sales tax to media
Let the hail from the evil word flip hath fury
This ’bout to be disturbing to watch
My style lethal ferocious

Eating while we feed people to lions
We started off as targets
Go and toss that bitch into a dark lagoon
Go into the heart of the art form with a harpoon
Keeping it Zion, we turning the streets of Detroit to a D zoo
Relax for a throttle
We marched for our right to at Selma, I was there with Dr. We march again and we’re gonna keep on marching King. Music that glorifies and promotes violence with guns, knives, and drugs and that includes all this gangsta rap, that’s it. For 400 years, profit came before principle.
Icicles is made of blood-boiling water alluring gore
Y’all niggas lollygag — not me
Either that or a model, these Ether raps are the Bible
This evening I’m with the biggest spenders having the most prestigious dinner
I be blacking out, you could ask them
Everything I spit be sick, gag phlegm
We will not tolerate injustice and insults from our worst enemies then, and we sure ain’t gonna accept insults from our youth We’re beaten with billy clubs and we’re bitten with dogs unleashed by [?].
Uh, I broke my key off in the car door
I just whiplash new beats
Threw a piece of your heart in a jar for the people
I enter into a different intuitiveness on instruments
The dude did eyeball, with me psycho and schizo
One of the last living rap forefathers who wouldn’t ask for a dollar
Like four and four So when you gon’ end up getting ate?
While I’m zoning, stirring the pot
It is obscene, it is obscene, it is obscene
While I’m out here swerving the drop
If any of y’all MCM’s is any flyer than me here
While hip-hop stay colorful fruity like RiFF RaFF jewelry
Eating all the bark with Gargamel off of the cherry tree
Set my Timbo’s next to my dresser with the Nintendo, and yes
My threshold for pain goes farther than a marine who’s been ordered to war
I’m getting cheddar, they tryna catch up to my past ends

Tryna stay sharper than straight sharks in a ‘gator pond
Until it’s parts of a easel