Katchi – Ofenbach ft. Nick Waterhouse lyrics

All night long. (x2)
Doo wop a doo wop, shoopi doobi doo wop. (x2)
Alright! Well, wel,l well
It’s been such a long day
I’m kinda tired, bring your soothing arms my way
My back is achin’ and my body sore
Don’t stop honey, you know that I want more. ii
She give me Katchiii! All night long. She give me Katchiii!(x3)
Doo wop a doo wop, shoopi doobi doo woppp. She give me Katchi! (x4)
I went on down to Leon’s place
He had such a beat look on his face
I said, “Hey man, where’d you get those eyes?”
He met a girl that could hypnotize. (x4)
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All night long. (x2) Lyrics Ofenbach – Katchi
She give me Katchi!