Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional

You stick out so sorely girl
I long to be (with her forevermore)
She’s beautifully (unconventional)
So I see you laugh together while
She seems to be
She lives! She breathes! Heather!
As tough as leather while
She breathes! Heather! She lives!
I long to see (her arms above my soul)
And you at your wit’s end
As light as a feather
Floating in the ether
And maybe we could be friends
And as loyal as a stalker who stalks
She seems to be

Cute with such conviction
You know, nothing is what it seems

But dark is a devil who walks
Grade A so clever
From the best place in the world

Grade A smart colour while
You grow up a poorly girl
She’s beautifully unconventional

As light as a feather while
Must be the best place in the world
Head way up in a storm cloud
Changing like the weather while
I watch you and your friends
Did you ever analyse your dreams?
Well I tell you they test my patience
Friends forever but
She’s now Heather while
Friends forever

Must be the best place in the world
From the best place in the world
Floating in the ether while
You’re a walking contradiction
With your meaningless conversations
Girls who don’t go out and play

Calm but so extreme
She’s beautifully
She’s beautifully unconventional