Jhene Aiko – Moments (feat. Big Sean) (On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) (Live)

With you, with you
It’s looking like I am like one A.M
Where everyone needs a ransom
[Hook: Jhene Aiko & Big Sean]
With you, with you
The future, that’s a mystery
‘Yo time be on it
I’d rather be with you, bodies pressing and decompressing
You better freeze the moment, seize it, own it
Take me daily, as directed
With you, with you

Right in this minute
[Hook: Jhene Aiko]
[Outro: Big Sean & Jhene Aiko]
Lose yourself and find something you won’t let escape the moment, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hol’ up
With you, with you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[Verse 1: Jhene Aiko]
These are the moments in time that we’ve been waiting our whole life to find
My mama said "love is the answer"
I know you need protection
With you, with you
These other hoes nothing to focus on
‘Cause, baby, in a world full of cancer
I need somebody real to get close up on
Looking for someone who don’t annoy you when they overstaying
With you, with you
So when I call you better answer me

So much smoke in the air, it’s like we need decongestant
No substitutes, you’re the one and only
I tell you what to do whenever you need direction
I get caught in the moment

Us zoning, wishing I could freeze-frame the moment
Yeah, yeah
‘Cause, baby, in a room full of dancers
You still are the answer
With you, with you
That we’ve been searching for all through the night
Just tell me it will be alright
With you, with you
Everything you need to be contented is right here
With you, with you
You know I’m overworkin’, and I cut the check like director
Both got a past full of sorrow
Focus is on it, our time to go in
I can’t watch the news lately, it’s been too depressing
Hey, the past, that’s history
Right now I need you here on me
The time is ours, not for borrow
I get caught in the moment
I could put you to sleep faster than melatonin
I get caught in the moment

Oh yeah
[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Let’s cancel everything tomorrow
I always get caught in the moment
You can have it when you understand that all that matters is right here
With you, with you

Yeah, yeah
You got me on my knees, baby, James Brown, please
The present, that’s a gift, that’s why they call it the present
Please take away the stress I don’t need
With you, with you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
I get caught in the moment
With you, with you