Oddisee – You Grew Up

Graduated hating everybody in his class
No you didn’t change

Life is better when you’re thinking lesser go on give it up
People of the present had faces of the past, make it easier to blast them if he feel they did him wrong
As those before you came
That somebody took advantage of their damage as a kid
So where is it I put the blame and cause
You grew up

We was tight he liked the same things I did
And he didn’t eat meat that Allah said was bad
And I better never set foot again in his yard
Grew up in a mid-western town, where there weren’t many brown people he could seek reflection
My thoughts got blacker and his views got cracker
And what if I could teach you that life is a weapon
He shot a black man that was sitting in his car
I poured the cups and I left it up you to say enough
My heart’s a jug and when I was born it was filled with love
No you didn’t change
Near the same park where we used to shoot hoops
Where I had every race as a neighbor
You grew up
But things changed when his pops got laid off
We were all working class trying to make it out of our hood
You’d understand the one thing they all have in common
He was soon gone with delusions of a cause
Attracted strong to the feeling of acceptance
And we cuss along to rap trying to sneaking into punk clubs
He said immigrants robbed citizens jobs
As we became adults in a cult called America, he got himself a job as an officer of law
We were tight as Elmer’s, and we called each other brothers
As those before you came

So he blew up
Were given like our names
I knew a guy who’s folks were professors
You just bought the blame
Many years apart, I recognized him in the news
[Verse Three]
But if you ever did
He was trying to scuff his Chucks up
Proof in the flesh that Allah was a blesser
You were made the same
The only mistake that could hold all the blame
Never ending, never quenching, I sealed it up
He was grunge, I was fresh we were young
It ranneth over, life ran me over till I spilled the blood
All our growing pains
My best friend back then was a white kid
Tried to change my reality but settled for, real enough
[Verse One]
He blamed my father for the loss of his job
You grew up
[Verse Two]
When I was younger I was so determined I would change it all Couldn’t fly but wasn’t chained to fall
You grew up
You can raise a child in a house full of love
While I was trying to keep my Nikes clean
Got picked on in school during lectures
Changed his life when he asked him a question
And all I could blame was the cause
But can’t keep them safe in a world full of hate
You were made the same
You grew up

You ever have a friend that became a fanatic

There was no way backwards, to the roots at heart
Most of you all haven’t

Well, I grew up
Despite us being different colors, man
You grew up
Do you ever feel your life was a loss
All our growing pains
Picked on because he prayed five to the east
You just bought the blame
When Six Flags was still called Wild World
One day a man approached him in a mosque
Were given like our names
Let me take it back to my childhood