Starlito & Don Trip – Untitled No Hook

Learn from all my pain because it’s lame to make the same mistakes
But when you put us in the room with a mic and a console
Keep a tool with me I’m cool with being misunderstood
[Verse 1: Starlito]
For all this hay in the truck
If it’s ’bout cash I’m with it, I never slack to get it
To city near you for my backend
Privacy, sanity, thirty day spent about 90Gs gambling
That’s why I move different like bishops and rooks
I lost what was left to lose
Then it’s back to Memphis
Still ride with them hammers
And I ain’t playing just like a rain delay
223 if the odds against me
And it got a back up with it, that got a back up with it
By the way my name ring bells like class dismissal
And I got a baby AK in the front
Third time hearing bout a raid this month
Like those guys play by their own rules
The niggas you hustle with probably won’t even put shit on your books
[Interlude: Starlito]
Bitch I ball hard you don’t believe me?
Grind like I’m famished
Niggas say my name in one of his raps I’m ready to slap ’em silly
I got street credit and I’m also rich in the hood
Got road rage on the road to riches
I remember riding low key on pins and needles
Three hour drive to Nashville
Man I’m just tryna provide for my family
Betting against us is like hitting a strip club
You know it’s clock work
Disagree with me thats ’til I raise this pump
They just selling dreams you get a syrup and a weed happy
Try to understand me

My lil cousin in college she need tuition and books
So I think with that film that was the other thing
Ask a catcher’s mitten
And they did what made sense to them

[Verse 2: Don Trip]
I got a clapper with me
I mean we don’t have
But you can keep that and I traded my OG status
Like we’re not so similar like
Smallest giant, largest weapon
Long as my casket empty
I’m strapped up, I’m strapped in
But still not high as God intended
I just wanna be happy fuck around with these rappers
We have different ways of doing things
I can come back everyday and not have to reload
And that was the strength of their bond
You know you can count on me like a mathematician
Endured a loss just keep stacking, stashing for a rainy day
War torn from the game I ain’t ashamed but I remain this way
Make a nigga proud ain’t still in the cut
Strapped when I’m in traffic
Stop at Prince’s to grab a chicken
Searching for classy women
But ain’t enough days in a month
Momma ain’t raise no punk
Meanwhile I’m flier than a flight attendant
There people like I mean we have different habits