Kodak Black – 201519971800

[Verse 2]
Mama, I’m just trying to make a mil’ for you
When you grow up, what you wanna be?
Can I come and get you in a Jag?
Show you why I act the way I act
I can put a nigga on his feet
Everybody wanna be your friend now
I’m so close to showing her my real side
[Verse 3]
Baby girl, I know you like my swag
I’m just so excited that I’m free
Why they just can’t let a nigga be?
I’m liking how you make a brother laugh
I’ve been working hard, ain’t got no spare time
Running to the motherfucking cash
I hope you ain’t nothing like my old friends
Cook something, you don’t even eat
I think we’ve been getting along real fine
Just in case you niggas try and creep
Run up on a nigga, where the bread at?
When you see me, what you really see?
But, I be treating you a little sweet
Me and all my niggas come in deep

Better watch the company you keep
Can a young brother get some sleep?
If you love me, love a nigga deep
Or any other women that I had

Can I, baby? Can I, baby?
I can’t even party on the week
I’m just trying to see where your head at
Then, hit it in the backseat of the Jag
[Verse 1]
Mama told me, "Son, I never hear from you"
Put you in a condo on the beach
Lately, I’ve been working over 3
I’ve been busy, I’ve been doing me

I just wanna see all of my niggas home
For my niggas, I’ll swim across the sea
Got my shooter playing hide and seek
Can I, baby? Can I, baby?

Or any other niggas from the past
I just talked to Jackboy on collect phone
Oh, that’s Kodak Black, I’ve been hearing bout’
You love it when I hit it on the beach
He told me he ain’t trying to take the plea

And, I ain’t even been out here a week
They can’t wait to get back on the streets

I know I’m better than your ex-boyfriend
‘Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you want to be

Show this girl another side of me
I be going ham for the cheese
On the ground, young ten toes down
Sometimes, it be feeling like a dream
I caught the Audi, then I ran the check up
Everybody got they fucking hand out

‘Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you want to be
To everybody else, I was a sour guy
He the hottest nigga in the streets
Can I take you where I learned the game from?
See you eating now they want a piece
Lately, I’ve been on a fucking marathon
Have you thinking I’ve been with the Zoe pound