Ralo & Lil Baby – Lil Cali & Pakistan

Know that they would never steal
Nigga you ain’t have to ask me
I made a [?]

That shit changed my life
Me and Lil Baby the niggas they wanna be
Boy I do anything for the game
You know that lil nigga Ralo been havin’
You ain’t the boss you a runner man
I know my niggas gon’ ride for me
I been getting fetty popping all these pills
I’m make sure every one of them eat
Tell them haters go and team up
I ain’t never going back
I got more money than you and your daddy
Better stay up out my lane
They gone tell you that I been turnt up every time a nigga seen us
I’m on that bullshit taking chains
Sit in jail, do the time for me
I created my own wave
I know all these niggas hate
I fucked everything that look good
Like a vacuum seal
Me and Ralo back to back
Four pockets on full
I had to earn my stripes
You a bitch you juwanna mann
They just be hating’ on me right in front of me
I know they never gon’ lie to me
We set the trends you can follow
I promise I already know
Z06 back to back
Got the game air tight

Turned to a brick
Me and young Ralo
[Verse 1: Ralo]
We ain’t going out without a fight
Taking chances selling packs
Different bitches with me every night
Bitch i’m eating like a fat man
We making hits
Die for me
Ralo tell them where we at
They think I came up overnight
I used to sleep with that k
Ralo tell them where we at
Cook that shit up Quay
[Intro: Ralo & Lil Baby]
Four pockets
And it’s on fleek

[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
Free the gang
[Verse 4: Lil Baby]
I told my daughter don’t marry these niggas
Hope they get out on they appeal
None of these rappers don’t stand a chance
I could never be average
I seen them ops come clean up
Hold up Hold up switch it up a lil bit
Tell Lil Baby we gon’ be alright
We carry them pistols and having them issues
Sold a hundred packs last week
We in the spot
I’m in the booth catching play
I’m pourin’ act out the bottle
Lamborghinis and them cats
We in Lil Cali and Pakistan
I used to trap on the bike
I’m a dog but I never bite
Ballin’ with no budget and I ain’t got no deal
Bust it down Roley on my right
I’m trying to live my life
I used to sleep with the jay
Niggas be getting, fucking for the fame
We in Lil Cali and Pakistan
Found the plug then I took a flight
Now i’m ballin’ like i’m Mike
Then fucked every Instagram model
I can’t never get it right
Ay Lil Baby what we doing nigga?
FAM Goon
Me and Ralo really selling packs for real
It cost seven thousand [?]
I don’t need a bitch for a lap dance
My trunk and my hood

Living life so lavish
These niggas out of control
Way before I knew Savage
Have you ever spent a million dollars?
Niggas do anything for a name
Love my dogs
Look, I hit the club and embarrass them niggas
Watch cost twenty-one thousand
Made millions still in the hood
Then I finally got it right
Do anything for them racks
I had to wrong my rights
I just re’d up with five hundred bands
That’s on my right wrist
What you gonna do? (Hold up)
Give a damn what they say
You cannot mention my name without bragging
Let me slow it down a lil bit
Screamin’ free Joc and Lil Lotto
Got the trap on the back street

But they know i’m getting paid
Hold up Hold up Lil Baby
[Verse 3: Ralo]

Compared to these niggas you better than niggas
Had a Philippe
Made a whole mil off a vacuum seal

I had to earn my stripes
I jump out the Lamb and I jump in the wagon
Make [?] do the running man