Jay-Z – Blue’s Freestyle

More than ever my niggas gon’ have to stick together, feel me?
Bismillah, all the gods around me
I feel like Ali
Everything in shaka, everything in faka
We, we, we, family
More worried about Trump than anyone overseas, feel me?

Feel me?
‘Cause we family

Got poison in my pen, thank god for Lulu
Everything in shaka, everything in faka
I never hear that, I be in the posse
I and say we see them
Everything I hear is my answer
And thank the heavens for BB, her Creole roots run deeply
Lagos, all the barrios ’round me, feel me?
Fuck embargoes, I’m a narco
Viet Cong never done shit to me, feel me?
‘Cause more than ever we gon’ have to stick together, feel me?

‘Cause we family
Everything everything this my only single thing
I got bloodlines in Benin, that explains the voodoo
Already ahead of your end, in the foreign bumping Fela, feel me?
[We Family]
Never sit in silence, innocent is Carter

Never seen a ceiling in my whole life
Everything I seen, everything is rotten
Innocent we seek them

Maison Margiela embracing
‘Cause we family
OG Juan also
All the fellas from the favelas ’round me, feel me?
‘Cause we family
And if you think I say, then innocent if I say?
I’m crazy, you ever leave me I might have to put on a gris-gris
Everything I [?], everything I [?]

Mexicanos ain’t building fucking walls around me
[Blue Ivy:]
Spell for us to stay together

Colombian ties, shout out to Dapo
I’m out in the art clubs in London sipping tea, feel me?
We, we, we, family
Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka
Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka
I’m out in Michelangelos in FTs
We, we, we, family
We, we, we, family, feel me?

Was out in Havana when that had that banned forever, feel me?