Skrapz – Outro

I wish there was a lever I could pull, that could make these fake niggas disappear
I said that I would put these guns and bricks down time ago
And I can’t stop now
I rather crack a bottle of some wine tell her cheers
I’m whipping in the big pyrex’s, not the one that’s got the handle
I’m switching up the programme like a channel
And the weather’s gotta be at least 28 degrees
And I everyday I gamble with my freedom and I battle with these demons
I guess that nothing isn’t promised like tomorrow
All I know about is death before dishonour
And you know I’ve got my own style
I’m rolling with a gun true I’m sick and tired of fucking up my knuckles
The jakes were tryna damage my financials
My attitude was young when I was young but now it’s grown now
I’m gonna write a book about my life and chapter1 is how I made it through the struggle
Last year all my shows was getting cancelled
And this Cali’s got a nigga moving paro
I’ve put this shit together like a puzzle
And all the works the mandem’s had to mash with the machine
I’ve been a dads way before I had my first child
Started from the bottom now I’m here
And now I’m making money from a stream
There’s gotta be at least 7 of my G’s, cos we never thought we’d get to see 2017
And I can’t believe the things I’m seeing on the social media
The only person I could really put my trust in lately is my shadow
And shoutout Giggs, he brought me out in Hammersmith Apollo
I used to get my salary from fiends
I do this for Monique and Khiana and Kelis
And all the times I’ve sat up in a cell for crimes committed and they’re telling me I did it and it actually wasn’t me
But I think it’s time I leave the streets alone now
I turn things to reality from dreams
I rather spend my money overseas, with some duty free Hennessy and weed
I came a long way from doing this for free
Standing in the dock wishing death towards Your Honour
That’s why lately I’ve been keeping it discreet, I just move behind the scenes
The prices on the bricks keep rising, so I need another angle
Cos a man ain’t just doing this for me
Without the 30 years
I hate to see my mum with her eyes full up of tears
And when I was a kid, she didn’t know what I was on but now it’s clear
And gradually I’m killing all her fear
Not just keep on staying up until it goes down
And all the times the feds had tried to catch me with a key
I’m having conversations with my uncle
And my jewellery game’s the opposite of subtle
I wish that they could take me back in time when it was realer
And I know the police want me off the streets
But the drug game’s blatantly a scandal
These fans have got a nigga taking pictures like a model
He’s saying that he’s praying day and night to keep his nephew out of trouble
I’m pushing kilograms just to keep my money growing like a muscle
Well someone tell them filthy motherfuckers that the fire keeps burning like a candle
I’m happy that she knows now the reason why I never stopped when she was saying slow down