Code Orange – Flowermouth (The Leech) lyrics

I have never felt as empty as I feel today
Even when the moment’s beauty fades in and away
That’s all it is, a moment
When the images creep back into the forefront of my brain
From picking up the pieces of unearthing devotion
Re-energizing dead feelings

I can see the flowers growing out of your mouth
While the cancer in your brain begs to get out

And I’ll try to understand your pain again
By throwing my body on the fire, by accepting myself as the enemy
It doesn’t take much to recognize that these leeches aren’t my friends
And it gets harder when everything goes through a formula filter (your head)
Erase the ones I love the most so I can bleed in peace
So I can bleed in peace

Relieve the poison from my tongue
Embrace a reverie