Code Orange – Liars // Trudge lyrics

I’d swear that I have, but my word is temporary
Residence of my mind’s eye
Endless fucking trudge

Recognition versus the ability to let go
Of the places and people that destroy me the most
In ways, there is no rhythm or reason
And in that lies the sickness
You just know, you just know
You just know, you just know As serenity floods, driving my brain in circles
Humility reminds me to just let the composure be

God grant me the power to know the things I can change
The things I can’t, and the difference
But this pain has a face
Vilified, unstricken
Deeper than what my soul can give, higher than my mind
Sharing all of my late night testimonies while your tongues touch

As the rat creeps past my eyes, onto your legs
Dragging my mourning through the streets of our town
First impressions, second glances at souls you’d think you know
Have you ever dreamed you would wake up dead?