Code Orange – Take (The Soil Is Calling) lyrics

The soil’s calling”
“The rats, they want you. The soil’s calling”

The rats, they want you
The soil’s calling

[Repeat x4:]
The rats, they want you
The soil’s calling Surrender to the air
Let the sky bear this soul
Free and bright like a lone star
Leading to the sun
Warming from both sides
Nothing like these killing arms
That suffocate true desire
(I can’t watch myself live to see the day)

That day is flowing towards me
Like waves gaining pace
Like tides that never change
More swiftly
More evenly
More quietly
The endless cycle of give and take
The careful words we have the guts to say
The unfulfillment that has numbed my insides
And sealed my fate
I have to give in to the ground below my feet
As we edge closer to those final steps
I can hear the Earth begging:
“The rats, they want you.