3000 Bruchi – Nylon

è solo un nuovo anno "ne voglio ancora, ancora!" avvolgimi nel nylon ma sottovuoto la stessa storia lei ne vuole ancora e dalle malattie avvolgimi nel nylon avvolgimi nel nylon difendimi dal caldo ma sottovuoto c’è lei che strilla alla […]

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Týr – The Rune

Set the thing here and then Are what’s left of greater times Than the property of land Now that millennium has gone Of the subsequent events Who is then this man who demands my scat Futile attempts, you can’t change […]

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Vokodlok – Decay

Desecrate the goodness. Under the sign of tormenting. With wings that cover the light of day. From open wound in the skies. When howling wolves Materialized in flesh and has no remorse, The fall of god, the fall of times, […]

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